Product Categories
We are presenting you the top brands of following product categories, just inside Iran Ridex 2018:
1. Electric, Hybrid and Clean/Green vehicles (all types of vehicles and their technologies and New energies application in them)
2. Motorcycles (2-wheel, cargo 3-wheel, 4-wheel, snow and beach ATVs, ATMs, for disabled)
3. Bicycles and Tricycles
4. Scooters, skates
5. Parts, Components, Accessories, Tyres and Batteries, Sporting and Tuning products and Equipment for E-vehicles, Hybrid vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, Scooters, and other Iran Ridex Product categories
6. Related Service groups:
• Repair and Maintenance
• Insurance, After Sales and Warranty
• Service Station
• Training Institutes, Clubs, and Riding Tracks for E-vehicles ,motorcycles, bicycles and scooters as well as roller rinks for skates
• Anti-theft Equipment
• Vocational Centers, Universities, Scientific, Research and Educational Centers, Science and Technology Parks, Knowledge-Based Companies, and Inventors
• Unions, Syndicates, Guilds, Federations, and other related Associations
• Practical, Scientific and Training Forums
• Information Centers and Publishing Houses
• Online Shopping, Training and News Websites
• Investment Companies in the field of Designing, Manufacturing and Developing Iran Ridex Product Categories
7. Other related products and services