Product Categories
We are presenting you the top brands of following product categories, (for both children and adults), just inside Iran Ridex 2017:
8. Electric, Hybrid and clean vehicles (engines, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, any other Related vehicle in transportation field, and Etc.,), technologies and New energies application in vehicles
9. Motorcycles (2-wheel, cargo 3-wheel, 4-wheel, snow and beach ATVs, ATMs, for disabled and Etc.,)
10. Bicycles, Tricycles and the same products.
11. Scooters, skates, skateboards, jet skis and the same products.
12. Parts, Accessories, Sporting and Tuning products and equipment for E-vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, Scooters, and other Iran Ridex Product categories (children & adults).
13. Related Service groups:

• Training institutes, clubs, and riding tracks for E-vehicles ,motorcycles, bicycles and scooters as well as roller rinks for skates
• insurance, after sales services, warranty, and related maintenance services
• anti-theft equipment for products
• Manufacturers and providers of products and services related to transportation, Delivery, communication, post, etc. through motorcycle, bicycle and E-vehicles courier
• Vocational centers, universities, scientific, research and educational centers, science and technology parks, knowledge-based companies, and inventors
• Unions, syndicates, guilds, federations, and other related associations
• practical, scientific and training forums
• Information centers and publishing houses
• Online shopping, training and news websites
• Investment companies in the field of designing, manufacturing and developing Iran Ridex product categories
14. Other related products and services